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Helpful Resources on Various Areas of Law

  1.  Tenants Rights Handbook-Download
  2. Guardianship Guide Handbook-Download
  3. Guide to Traffic Court-Download
  4. How to Sue in Justice-Small Claims Court-Download
  5. Elder Law Handbook-Download
  6. Family Law Guidebook-Download
  7. Consumer Law Guidebook-Download
  8. Uniform Jury Handbook-Download
  9. Hiring an Employee with a Record-Download
  10. Hiring a Non-Citizen Household Staff-Download
  11. Visas for Victims of Abuse-Download
  12. Understanding Employment Law in Texas-Download
  13. Sexual Assault Guidebook-Download
  14. Answering the Call-Texas Civil-Download
  15. Dealing with Dementia-Download
  16. Defending Yourself in a Criminal Case-Download
  17. Criminal Law Toolkit-Download
  18. Expunctions in Texas-Download
  19. Guide to Family Law Courts-Download
  20. Identity Theft Guide-Download
  21. Juror Tool Kit-Download
  22. Just Hang Up-Download
  23. Living Trust Scams and the Senior Consumer-Download
  24. Loan Modification Scams-Download
  25. Mechanics Liens-Download
  26. Name Changes-Download
  27. Oil and Gas Law-Download
  28. Permanent Kinship Placement-CPS-Download
  29. Peace of Mind-Download
  30. Pregnancy Guide-Download
  31. Preventing Fraud on Veterans-Download
  32. Pro Se Divorce Handbook-Download
  33. Protecting the Incapacitated in Guardianship-Download
  34. Commitment-Download
  35. Resources for Veterans Seeking Help-Download
  36. Seniors and the Law-Download
  37. Service Members Civil Relief Act-Download
  38. Juvenile Justice System-Download
  39. Fair Labor Standards Act Guide-Download
  40. FMLA for Employers Guide-Download
  41. What You Should Expect About Your Child Abuse/Neglect on CPS Case-Download
  42. Your Rights on Campus -Guide for the Public High School Student on Their Constitutional Rights at School-Download